1. I

    FS: S15 rear spats £60 + del

    Fibreglass S15 rear spats Need very minor fettling to fit just right, should be easy for a bodyshop. SOLD
  2. shib

    Bodyshop in Midlands

    Anyone know of a good body shop in the Midlands?
  3. J

    Detailing Jem showing a bodyshop how it should be done!

    I detailed this Alfa last year and the customer was very happy until three days afterwards when they reversed into a fence, damaging the off side rear corner of the bumper and the off side rear arch. The car went to a bodyshop, who had been recommended to my customer by a friend. Sadly while...
  4. G

    Bodyshop Costs

    hey, i finally got an aero spoiler sent from hong kong on monday and arrived to my house today. its already white but needs a respray so im wondering how much would i expect to pay in a bodyshop to get it sprayed and fitted? my mate that used to help with with all the bodywork on my cars is in...
  5. kimi

    The good n bad things about owning a s15

    Well its been an eventfull week with my s15, Last saturday i was off to have all my new bits fitted and was going to drop my front lip spoiler at the bodyshop in on the way, i'd got plenty of time :D the bodyshop was open till 12midday and i was due at my techy's at 12.30. I jumped in the car...
  6. kimi

    Help needed please

    Hi guys :wave: I've got a couple of little dents on my drivers door around the handle, i have seen my local dent removal guy,who said he could do them but he needs the door handle taking apart to get to them. i have taken the door card off but got really scared by the lock / handle :eek...
  7. sushiming

    repairs on my S15

    hey guys work has just started on my car now a few pics of it in the bodyshop pic of under the spoiler With the wing off Nude ass