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    WTB: Aero rear spats

    As above. FRP ones are fine! If they're TV3 blue then that's a bonus but otherwise the paint doesn't matter as they'll be repainted anyway. Thanks
  2. S

    Modified Insurance

    Hello, I insured my S15 with Need to Insure and they covered all modifications and offered track days aswell which was a bonus! They gave me a really good price and know their stuff! Highly recommend them. :nod:
  3. J

    28th-29th May Rotorstock 2006 Jap Show

    Is anybody from here planning on going? I'll be there, probably just on the Sunday... maybe on the Monday. :wave: Not drifting though, just as a spectator. I went last year, it was pretty good overall. Plus, it's local to me which is a...