1. A

    Aero wing bolt holes

    Hey guys. I just bought an aero wing, which my car didn't come with from the factory, but I noticed the boot has three holes stamped which look like they would be for the wing? All the boots would've had that I assume. Is this where it bolts on? I'm deleting the middle pillar, so I'm not worried...
  2. S15_SAM

    FS: Salomon freestyle ski boots, spk's. size 25-25.5 mondo.

    Here's my ski boots forsale, and the link for the eBay advert! not really sure what to ask but they cost me £170 3 years ago. So call it £92 posted.
  3. J

    WTB: Spoilerless boot in white, poss swap for mine with oem spoiler + money my way

    Looking to go spoilerless with my car and as such wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping boots plus a bit of money my way. Mine is white and in perfect condition
  4. M

    FS: Brand new womans ugg boots, perfect xmas gift!!

    alright folks to cut the story short, paid £279.99 cash for these in a shop when i was in england november last year for a long weekend break, it was a gift for my gf at the time well...lets just say, that didnt work out, and was she **** gettin the boots! :D anyways...dont ask how, but i...
  5. D

    FS: Dales Garage Sale - T28 turbo, DBA5000, lights & Burton Boots & Bindings etc

    Doing a cleanout of the garage and need to get rid of this sh!t. All parts are in Sydney and can be picked up from Castle Hill area if required, otherwise buyer pays for shipping. 1 x pair of custom clear S15 Taillights. I paid $500 for these a fair few years ago and never installed them. They...
  6. N

    Need advice! noise on rear.

    Hi all, When i do a hard Right turn, i notice that my rear undercarridge seems to have some weird noise.cant be the stuff in the boots as it was empty. Anyone here can advice what should i look out for when goin to the garage to check.. Many Thanks