1. dave_t

    WTB: Aftermarket Rear Lights - What you got?

    Fancy doing something different with the rear end - bit bored! After a pair of aftermarket rear lights, pm me what you got! :thumbs:
  2. M

    if you're bored... need to kill few minutes?

    awes little game..
  3. sushiming

    got a bit bored and weathers nice

    yeh bored and took a few pics of the car in the drive way on a sunny day like this it really shows the pearl in the paint aswell....u can tell i waxed it aswell did it at 12noon today iam lucky iam not dead hahaha not very artty just too hot but i put a quick effort :D
  4. sushiming

    Got bored so took some pics

    hey guys I got a bit bored of all the old pics of the car so went to take a couple of new ones what do ya think?? ok thers more than just a couple :D and I thought i would try something different what do u think of th black and white