1. M

    WTB: WANTED! Rear, Front & Both Quarter Windows

    Hi, I'm looking to replace all my windows as they are badly scratched. (I paid a company to respray it and they used a scraper on my windows!!!) It's really hard to find any spares in this country, so if anyone has any spare windows or knows someone, please drop me a message as the scratches...
  2. S


    Hey Guys, New to S15's, and am thinking of buying this: Could I bother you for your thoughts? Thanks :)
  3. DeanS15

    WTB: glove box door

    in as excellent condition as possible, for as good a price as possible. mine has 2 small screw holes from edfc installation but is otherwise perfect, if you are preparing a drift car and it wouldnt bother you i can do a swap + some cash your way as i wish to move my controller:)
  4. T

    S15 Spec R From 6 Speed to 5 Speed

    Hello lads, Could you tell me please if the S13 or S14 5 speed gearbox will bolt up to the SR20DET in an S15 without much bother as Im thinking about changing it. Thanks Sean