1. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    1.4 bar too much?

    Ok so I just figured out how to use my electronic boost controller on my new s15. And it has 4 different boost settings the highest setting being 1.4 bar which by guessing is about 17psi? it has fully stock internals just wondering is this too much is something gonna go bang. I very rarely have...
  2. Mike

    Epic Pugrrari.

    Take a moment to admire this bad boy! :rotfl:
  3. mint

    People.. its alive!!!!

    oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!! I know it should be in my build up however im so happy i wanted to put this in the gallery!! :thumbs: Presenting EPIC FAIL NUMBER 1 ... First Start up in 4months...
  4. T

    DMax carbon door cards

    I just randomly stumbled across these... $750 Australian Dollars... according to googles exchange rate they're £356.44 for the pair... yeah boy! :D
  5. LuPix_S15

    Rare sighting in the UK...

    to see an S15 and an FD3S go for a blast around Town lol... Mate just picked up his Rex last weekend and boy does it fly!! :) Local Shell garage is gonna be even more happy now hehe...
  6. moomin

    bring back the boy racer days!!!

    after being shocked to find out someone had spent 30 grand on a crappy corsa i thought i would hold my hands up to! but, not to be the only numpty on here i thought i would post up yet another thrilling thread and get you all to post up a few pictures of your most boy racer'd cars you have...
  7. P

    Qestion for the New Boy...

    hi, im a new boy to this site. I have few questions about the ratteling noise from the airbag (horn) place in the steering wheel. My mate has R34 GTR but his one doesnt rattle like mine (They looked same :P except GTR label). Does any1 have same problem? and any1 know how to stop it? (Easiest...
  8. S

    Melbourne Boy Here

    Hello to all S15 owners. Melbourne boy here and I'd just like to say that I'm in total love with my Pewtwe S15 Spec R GT!!! :)