1. H

    strut braces

    anyone know of a front brace that will clear a Z32 BMC?
  2. P

    WTB: WTB oem spec r brace and rear valence

    I need all oem brace from spec R for my spec S, and a set of rear valence. Need to be ship to Canada. Boot Brace (trunk) Boot corner braces (trunk) Rear Subframe brace Roof Brace Lower Pillar braces Upper Pillar braces Thx Patrick
  3. Jordan

    FS: x2 Cusco Strut braces

    For sale I have x2 Cusco strut braces. One set of end plates has been sprayed black, the other coated in manly pink powder coat. If someone wants one set of end plates on the other brace then just let me know. Metal brace: £80 Delivered Carbon Brace: £100 delivered
  4. W

    s15 fender braces (not s14)

    I'm looking for some good fender braces to suit the s15, I've seen some listed for s14-ONLY so s14 must be different to s15 here. So far these are the ones I've found for the s15: Ultra racing, but only 2 point: Nagisa auto, but not triangulated: j-speed, but only 2-point: Is there...
  5. S

    FS: [Brisbane, Australia] Sold car, leftover parts for sale

    PICKUP ONLY or organise your own courier GOLD COAST Weekends or SUNNYBANK HILLS weekdays Ultra Racing Braces ($300 for BOTH sets)New Details: Both Front Lower and Side Lower braces Nismo Gearbox Mount ($100 ONO)New
  6. T

    WTB: s15 tension rod bracket / arm

    Does anyone have the near side one of these Tension Rod braces available please ??
  7. M


    Hi there! Im Marcus Im a big S15 fan and have pretty much signed up on here to have a lil' snoop for information on S15's I currently drive a 106 GTI and am a member of many forums. Ive been tempted to go jap for so long! And keep getting torn between ek9's RX7 FC's and S15s So thought id have a...
  8. raytsang

    Struct Brace

    Guys my front struct brace in. was wondering is it better to mount it ontop of the braces that are already over the suspension or should i dump them altogether.?