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    WTB: Wanted: holeless bootlid

    Hi guys, Anyone selling a bootlid with no holes in it, preferable blue? My s15 has got a carbon bootlid so I can't really fill the spoiler holes without the risk of it cracking, sinking etc Been quoted £200 from a breakers for one and it needs a respray...... Sounds ridiculous money to me...
  2. D

    breakers ?

    Hi ya all my beloved s15 spec r been in a accident as I was exiting a roundabout a Romanian reg Audi a8 pulled out and clipped the passages frontside of my car and he shot off I don't want to go though my own insurance and get it written off I need a new complete front slam panel front bumper...
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    anybody know any jap breakers.?

    hey anybody know any jap breakers yards around dublin area or on the web.?
  4. Y

    Emergency HELP!!

    Guys I hit my bumper on a roundabout the other nite and due to me not being able to fix it right away the inner arch and undertray on passenger side have come off as well!! Its been a bad weekend!!:annoyed::furious: sO i'm asking you guys...whre can i source these parts....are they the same as...