1. S

    Rocker cover breathers

    Forgive me in advance - I don't know tooooo much about the SR20 yet (I'm learning!).... The rear breather (hiding in the top right corner of this photo) Is shot to hell at the bottom. At the same time the foam breather thingy in this photo is also perished. Would you just replace the...
  2. JDM_virgin

    where do these pipes go?

    I bought a set of reinforced silicone hoses online to replace my old rubber ones whilst the car is being overhauled. So far I have fitted top and bottom rad pipes, cam cover front breather and breather pipe from intercooler pipe work to throttle body (the one that goes over the fan shroud) but I...
  3. T

    breather connector

    Got myself a spare cam cover to do paint job on but have found the rear breather connecton is missing. anybody got one they don't want or know where to get one also how do they fit :confused: cheers
  4. N80Jamie

    FMIC Options..

    Right i'm wanting to get a Front Mount ordered this month however i'm stuck on where to spend my money. I'm not looking to spend a fortune but at the same time i want a good fit with minimal work needed. The Japspeed version has me very interested due to their £199 price tag including delivery...
  5. spoonman

    Oil Catch Can - Advise Please due to getting too much oil in the breathers

    After having a turbo back exhaust fitted my car now wants to boost to .9 Bar, bad i know on the factory ECU but i also noticed a hell of alot of oil on the hotside of the intercooler piping and the turbo is making the flutter noise on the higher boost releases, which i guess its not able to...