1. Parky

    FS: (SSR) Koeing Monster 18x9/10 with tyres

    These won't work on my new car so up for sale they go. Koenig Monster 18x9 and 18x10, ET22 all round. PCD 5x114.3. I bought these from JDM Distro and they came into the country a year ago. Not mega low offsets but they do have plenty of dish due to the low disk. Straight and true, they have...
  2. S15AK

    FS: 2 x Bridgestone Potenza 235 40 18 95 Y

    Selling 2 x Bridgestone Potenza 235 40 18 95 Y They have been sat in my shed for a while now, they came with my S15 and are too small for the rears and too big for the front so might as well sell them on, as I need to cash to buy some new rears. They still have 7+mm left on the tread, they...
  3. S15AK

    FS: NPG Bridgestone coilovers/brakes/plus other bits

    Hi guys, OK I've had these bits hanging around the garage for a while now.. NPG Bridgestone coilovers, JDM goodness. They came on the car over from Japan (I didn't import it), I have some Japaneses instructions for them in all my papers. I Found this link on the Rx7 forums with some info...
  4. J

    FS: Rota grids 18x10ET15 and 18x8.5et20

    hi, only minor kerbing. They have been painted black and have minor scuffs and nissan fitment £500 without tyres. but if your interested ive got 2 bridgestone potenzas on the front and federal rsr's (2months old) on the rear at extra cost.
  5. M

    FS: Bronze bridgestone 17" wheels

    Selling a set of four bridgestone (same manufactuer as the tyres) wheels. 8x17 5x114 offset is around 35 I think. 2 tyres are shredded thanks to thehat the other 2 are 215/45 toyos with 5mm tread roughly. All wheels are straight, few little kerb marks nothing major. £300 ono I'm in Ayrshire...
  6. Darren_S15

    FS: Full Set of Enkei Alloy Wheels

    Full Set of Enkei Alloy Wheels For Sale Came on my 15 and no longer require them. They are in good used condition and do have some marks on them as you can see in the pics. Front Wheels 17x9 +38 Tyre 1 Milanza Hero HZ1 245/40/R17 Tyre 2 Bridgestone Potenza 245/40/R17 Rear Wheels 17x8 +38...
  7. simon

    bridgestone springs?

    do bridgestone make lowering springs? i can't find any info on them anywhere, but i seem to have them on the car
  8. J

    Yellow Hornet aka "The Bannana :P

    As Promised some pictures and details of my car Specifications 1999 Nissan Silvia Lightning Yellow Blitz Nur Spec R Catback exhaust Apexi front pipe Apexi High flow cat Xracing bar and plate 600X300 intercooler in Matt black Xracing pod filter box with cold air intake via front bar Apexi...
  9. F

    Bridgestone V Grid

    Hi just bought a 1999 s15 specR the rears are Bridgestone V Grid 205/55/16 and to me they seem very hard, they spin up in 2nd gear in a straight line the back end slides very easy is this the norm? :confused: I have had a 320bhp MR2 Turbo and that would not break free in a straight line...
  10. Yakozan

    Bridgestone Potenza damper info??

    Hello. A couple of weeks ago I discovered that I had aftermarket dampers on my car :) Can't find much info on them though and wondered if enyone here knows anything about them. They're called "Bridgestone Potenza damper for street" the only info I've found is this. "Bridgestone FVS POTENZA...