1. S15AK

    Spotted on ebay

    Hi Guys Some of you might remember Dean's old S15, which was one of the cleanest S15's on here. Well its being broken for parts, as by the sounds of the ad its been crashed, which is a real shame :( some brilliant parts up for grabs though...
  2. Fruitbooter

    I've found the best lip for an S15

    The guy used to have a thread on here but he's no longer an active user. After lots of searching on the net, there are a few threads about this lip but nobody knows what it is! Could well be a custom job... Either looks absolutely brilliant! :D
  3. s15Irl

    What colour to spray my new rocker cover??

    Looking for some advice for what colour to have my rocker cover sprayed??? Was thinking colour coded brilliant blue or candy red? Any ideas appreciated!
  4. J

    FS: S15 Spec S For Sale

    Selling my 1999 S15 Spec S. I imported the car myself in January last year from Cyprus, but the amount of motorway miles Im doing here I really need a diesel and cant afford to run two cars and a bike. Brilliant blue, 111000 km, taxed and tested, pretty much standard looking for £5000 but open...
  5. moomin

    general maintanence question

    My S15 is coming up to 85,000 miles and im just wondering if there are any unusual checks i should have a look for, i have owned it for a year and it has been completely problem free but, with the mileage getting higher & higher just wanted to see if there is anything i should be doing or...