1. sushiming

    Best car rental company is AUS (Brisbane)

    Hey guys long time not been on here, but I wanted to have some advise from you fellow Aussies. I will be traveling to Brisbane in mid Nov and want to hire a rental car and wanted some advise on which is the company to go for? Hertz Budget Avis Also should I also take out the excess reduction...
  2. B

    What Brand Fuel is the best quality?? (Brisbane, Australia)

    I hear so many different story's about the quality of fuels from everyone. So i wanted to know what other s15 owners think is the best brand of fuel (eg Shell, Bp etc) in Brisbane Australia. Any insight is appreciated cheers
  3. S

    FS: JDM S15 Silvia, Brisbane Australia

  4. S

    Brisbane Australia reppin

    Hey guys im new here :) Im from Brisbane in Australia and ive got a s15 Spec R GT:D
  5. Q

    S15 owner from Brisbane, Australia

    Hey all, I've just joined your site :wave: I'm from Brisbane Australia and have owned a 2001 Black ADM s15 for about 3 years now. Its got all the usual bolt ons along with some custom fab work at home. This car is also my daily driver to and from work. I'll post up my ride in member rides.
  6. D

    off to OZ

    im going to australia on the 1st august for 2 weeks whats the chaces of me finding some rear spats and maybe a areo front bumper on my travels?? im going to fly into brisbane and staying in the airlie beach area. any help would be great:wave:
  7. D

    Downtowns S15

    Here's my S15 in Brisbane..