1. S

    WTB: Standard spec r spoiler needed..

    Hi as per title i am desperately looking for spec r spoiler if any brother here is selling in uk in good price do pm me thanks........
  2. S

    spec r wiring diagrams?

    hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me, I've had a quick search and haven't managed to find anything other then the ecu pin outs diagram, I'm after a complete engine loom diagram and a gearbox loom diagram, this is to help my brother doing the wiring conversion for the rb25 engine, any help...
  3. L


    Hi i'm new to the forum. I dont own a silvia but am currently looking after one for my brother in law while he is away searving his country. The car itslef is an 2000 S15, think its a spec S non turbo with 150k on the clock. Has full body kit and is good condition. The reason i have joined the...
  4. T

    Hello :)

    Hello, just going to introduce myself, i've been looking at the S15 for a while now and just want to gain more information about these machine :) I currently own a Toyota supra twin turbo. I always like these but my brother is the one buying. His selling his DC5 for a RWD fun:nod: We are...
  5. L

    Some pics of our Maxpower mag photo shoot.

    Here's a pics of us im far left, then by brother Dave then Tom and far right is my brother Chris. And here's some of the pics I have, hope you like.
  6. Auss15

    Lollipop rage

    Is this for real guys, or just a bit of a media beat up. Big brother is watching:wack:
  7. irvs

    sam from BB's bebo page

    hehe got i am good when im sober:rotfl: got my hands on the sexy sam (one of those twins from big brother) bebo page. have a look some nice pics;)
  8. M

    WTB: Driver's side smoked rear light

    A long shot I know, but I have one, maybe someone has the other?:D I've got a passenger's side smoked rear Lexus style light unit, and am looking for it's brother so I can fit them to my car because all the cool kids have them :cool::wack: