1. Protomtom

    first post

    hey all, S15 Owner! Thought I'd get in to this community after seeing some brothers on show at japfest.
  2. Auss15

    Highlands Park MotorSport track New Zealand

    This looks like a really good race track they have built in Cromwell in the South Island of NZ. Hope some of our Kiwi brothers can give us a track report if they get a chance to drive it, Id love to give it a go...
  3. M

    Cat for NCT

    Hey any of the Irish lads on here got a catalytic converter lying around I could borrow, the emissions are sky high on brothers s15 and the cat Iv used is fecked I'm sure of it. Cheers.
  4. M

    Oil catch tank!!

    Hey any one tell me where I can get an oil catch tank same as this one or even the make of this one, its on my brothers car but there is no brand name on it.....:(
  5. D

    brothers S14a

    heres how it started heres how it is now!!