1. L

    FS: Gt2871r + apw manifold

  2. S

    FS: New HKS type 1 turbo timer + S15 harness

    Selling a new Hks type 1 turbo timer + Hks silvia s15 harness. I brought it off the internet ready for importing and s15 and then brought one which already had a turbo timer so I no longer need it! They're both brand new and in the packaging. UK postage only. £130 for the two
  3. LeeSpecR

    Pewter touch up stick? Such a thing available?

    Good day all. im looking to buy a touch up set for my car,I've not been tto nissan yet as the weather has been crap and my car will not be going out in wet roads. has anyone brought one or can help me find one.i prefer a genuine job as it will a better match (I hope). cheers lee
  4. S

    What size injectors???

    I plan on getting my injectors cleaned out and flow tested before getting my map done. I was curious as to what size I may have, so I removed one to see what the part number was. I originally planned on just removing the plug and trying to read them, but they were so dirty, I had to remove one...
  5. J

    FS: S15 spoiler (ducktail)

    hi,had this brought for me but i already have one so this isnt is mint and look lush!£110 posted.looks like this fitted.
  6. J0R04N

    FS: My daily 1997 Peugeot 306 1.9TD £500

    Selling my daily as i am upgrading to something with cruise control :) only use it to drive up and down the motorway. It has 140k on the clock which sounds alot but these things go well over 200k before they die. It comes with 12 months MOT and 4 months Tax. Easy 50+ MPG on the motorway. Clean...
  7. J

    FS: Thule roof wind deflector!

    brought this to go on my s15 but need to get rid of a few things as im skinto. i brought this only like a month ago bit of a impulse. £60 posted to the uk few pictures:- looks similer to this:-
  8. Curryzz

    Sva imports, what are they like??

    Hi,my s15 is guna be ready to go and view this weekend coming, I have put a 500 refundable deposit on the car at the mo but as of this viewing I ither pull out or go for it! Has anyone had any good, or bad experiences from them? So far they seem friendly anough! Had anybody brought cars from...
  9. R

    Some night shots

    Just spent the weekend washing, claying, polishing and waxing my 15 so last night I thought I'd take it out and get some pics taken, but the problem I always seem to have with last minute shoots is that my damn battery always dies, lucky I brought a mate along and he took the remainder of the...
  10. J

    Team 15 meet Picture dump

    Well had a small gathering of S15's last night one of the guy's S15 was about to get fixed as someone hit him from behind so he brought his daily hack out for the night :P I will use this thread for a picture dump for future meets :)
  11. G

    turbo timer question

    okay ive got a greddy auto turbo timer it's bout a year old as i brought the car with it, now its gonna sounds stupid but only maybe once a month i'll turn my car off and pritty much my starter motor kicks in why the turbo timer try's to turbo time lol just wondering if any one has had this...
  12. G

    body kits

    if any one in aus can give me some advice on where to buy half deceant kits form as im now looking at buying from japan cause every kit ive brought has been really bad never buying from viva garage again lol cheers
  13. D

    D Boy's s15

    keep meaning to make a wip post so here it is. brought the car in november off of this forum,here she is as i brought her:D such a happy day then came the drift works strut braces white rocker cover smoked rear lights and indicators apex type 2 manifold ths turbo elbow and down pipe r32...
  14. Robbyp

    I think i love him!!!

    look what my lovely postie brought me today :D
  15. E

    How much for an S15 ?????

    New to the S15 scene I am wondering how much I wud have 2 pay for a real clean S15 ?? I've had a brief look around this site and it seem's there r a few different variants. Wud appreciate being brought up2 speed on this please !! Were they ever a UK model ? R the JDM versions better ? Cheers :D
  16. sushiming

    Turbo oil feed

    well as some of u know i brought and oil feed pipe for the turbo and just wanna knwo has anyone else brought one off apex gb cuz i had a problem with the bolt once put threw the banjo only half a cm worth ot thred is that normal cuz the garage that was doing it for me said thats too short and...
  17. sushiming

    D1GP june 18th

    hey i checked out the silverstone site and found out all tickets have sold out already have any of u guys brought tickets at all??