1. T

    help me locate this brown s15 with TE37s

    Hi, i am searching for this brown S15, i saw it in one of the threads on here but i have been digging around for a bit and i can`t seem to locate it any help appreciated
  2. subzero

    whats this plug behind the ECU ??

    got that ticking noise back today again , hasnt occured in a few weeks .... its comming from this ....the brown one , thats disconnected .
  3. TriniGT

    Brown Four Pin Connector????

    I am finishing clipping in all my connectors back together and there is one connector that has me stumped. It is a four wired brown connector located at the lower right (Driver Side) kick panel. It is not a relay connector it is located below that and has all four wires in-line and is a female...
  4. J

    HELP!!!Raido wires info

    i have 11 different coloured wires at the back of my raido and was wondering could anyone tell me what each of them is for.....colours are green pink purple red x2 blue red and black x2 brown brown and white blue and white blue and yellow ALL HELP GREATLY APPREICATED