1. JDM_virgin

    Hood Dampers

    Was browsing the intaweb and came across these, even though they are for s13/14 would they also fit our cars?
  2. J

    boosting issues?

    hi, i brough the car about a month ago and its been boosting at 0.5bar, since ive been browsing the forum ive fount out it used to run at 1.3bar? what kinda thing do you think would cause this? thanks
  3. G

    Unusual front end..

    Found a bit of marmite while browsing the auctions, who makes it?:
  4. TriniGT

    Hey Trial S15

    Was just browsing Japan Auctions and came across this, Came across this as well,
  5. M

    hi there,

    hi everyone, just got myself a s15.. thought id just intro myself. just been browsing and forum looks great. so much info! thanks