1. LuPix_S15

    Latest S15 Pics

    Hola, Just thought I'd post up the latest set of pics I did for my 15 now that the sponsor decals have been taken off. Nice to get the new TRS 4-point harness in as well - I feel snug as a bug lol :D Enjoy!! Cheers, James Nike tracksuit FTW lmao :p
  2. N

    Hello From The North Of Ireland

    Hello Lads:wave: Some of you may know me from SXOC, only just registered as im on the look out for a S15 spec R. I've got the bug big time:)
  3. E

    Newbie from GB , Hi !!

    Just introducing myself , a wannabee for an S15 !! Have a Mitsubishi Evo 6 GSR atm , don't intend to sell it tho !! But have got the bug for an S15 as an additional toy !! How good r these things then ?