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    burning oil

    My mates s15 is burning oil on overrun down a hill mostly and normal running temperature . We have changed my turbo into his car to rule out it and it's not the turbo, compresson 145psi across all cylinders, changed out pcv value not it either could it possibly be valve stem seals. Cheers
  2. E

    a POP sound n burning smell

    Hi.. Just want to know ur opinion.. Is it fine or not.. I've replaceed my stock exhaust with 5zigen 2 1/2'' exhaust.. The sound are great.. The problem is there is a POP sound at the exhaust when i shift my gear, is that fine? And i can smell a burning when i park my car after a run..
  3. G

    The S15 Burning Question

    Lads, This has been in my mind for a while now. The burning question is, when was the first time you have ever laid eyes on the S15 and you went "Wow"! I must have the car one day? I will go first...
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    Fire out from the exhaust

    Hi all. I have seen in drift cars, GT cars & rally cars flashes of fire escape out from the rear muffler especially during close throttle. I'd imagine only oversized injectors will cause rich fuel to overflow out through the turbine burning everything along the way. I cant imagine how the turbo...