1. K

    Differential bushing?

    Hey I was wondering what kind of differential bushing you guys use? I am from US and we do not have very many firm polyurethane diff bushings here, actually just one that I know of and it is not that great. The Nismo ones are sold out here and they are pretty pricey on RHDJapan.com. I am not...
  2. raytsang

    need help!! rear inner lower arm bushings.

    Hi Guys I've just ordered some bushings. But they are asking me whether the rear lower inner arm bush you have is 50mm long or 45mm long as there are two? and I have no idea ... anyone able to help me out here? oh there witheline poly bushings
  3. E

    Steering rack bushings and tie rods (S14 and S15)

    Hi all, just wondering, can the aftermarket steering rack bushings and tie rods made for the S14 fit S15 as well? and are most of the suspension parts the same between S14 and S15? Also, anyone try the Energy Suspension bushings? they seems to be much cheaper than the Nismo ones, are the quality...
  4. E

    Help! need to replace rear bushing

    Hi all, my rear suspension has been creating lots of noise and I bring it in to have a check with my mechanic, he said the bushings in my rear suspension member are all crack up and need to be replace. He quoted me the price for 4 Nismo bushings to be USD$200 total (USD $50/each), he said they...