1. Darren_S15

    I now come in a 2 wheel version

    Not been on here for a while for various reasons. One of which is that I now have my full bike license :D So bye bye little CBR125 and hello something else... Wondered if there are any bikers on here who have any suggestions what to get next? Ultimately I want a nice sports bike (CBR...
  2. D

    What clutch?

    Hi everyone! I think my clutch are going too say "bye bye" soon. Soo i tought that I check here witch one of these i should use. Exedy Sport Organic(stage 1) or Exedy Cerametallic(stage 2)? What do you guys think?
  3. S

    bye bye guys...

    well guys i sold my s15 for few different reasons..... 1-reliability, i think i got dodgy car,always giving trouble 2-silvia's are becomming more common in my area,i love rare cars 3- and lack of space i miss being able to bring mates for a spin... may seem like silly reasons to some of you...
  4. A

    Hey hey from

    Hi all, Name's Mark and I run Dont drive a S15 :( but I owned a S13 before I stuffed up my hand and said bye bye to manuals for a while. Anyhow, hope to see you all around. Cheers!