1. S

    Anyone know what rear diffuser this is?

    Anyone know what rear diffuser this is? I know it's mounted to a C-west GT Rear Bumper... but i'm trying to find the same if not a similar rear diffuser. Thank you.
  2. Mycool

    FS: s15 c-west front bumper

    c-west front bumper - brand new never fitted.. purchased from epr for £229.99 need it gone asap as ive got no room to store it £100 collected from gloucester
  3. Parky

    A few pics from an SXOC Photo shoot yesterday

    Went up to cheddar gorge and met a bunch of SXOC guys for a calendar photoshoot, I took these pics, lots more but these were some of the better ones. Mine has the grey Vertex kit and the C-West kitted beast belongs to... erm.. I'm not sure of his username but I'm sure he is on here.
  4. iosifnur

    FS: Geniune C-WEST GT-TYPE wide body kit

    Hi guys, i am planning to sell my c-west wide body kit, i bought it last year but i realized that i have to do a lot of body work and my car is in perfect condition, so it is pitty for me... The bodykit never used , even opened, the parts are unpainted.... Does anyone knows the price of the...
  5. T

    WTB: c-west eyeline's

    As title want a pair of c-west or similar style (not chargespeed) eyeline's (headlight brows) WHYG???
  6. D

    Aussie in Japan with JDM S15 says G'day!

    Hey guys and gals! Wanna say hi. Don desu. Aussie (from Melbourne) living in Kyoto. Picked up my '99 JDM S15 last week. Stoked as ****. Ace fun. Goodies: Air Blitz Intercooler S15 N/A Throttle Body Autech S14 Garrett T28 Turbocharger Z32 Airflow Meter APEXi Pod HKS High Power Muffler (Cat back)...
  7. L

    FS: Bomex Bodykit & C-West GT Wing for Sale

    Hi There, I've the entire bomex bodykit (original from Japan), front bumper, rear add-on, and side skirt for sale. Taken out of my car. Price going at £500 for the bodykit, and the Original C-West GT Wing going at £300. Exclude shipping. Anyone interested? Please PM me, and will email the...
  8. P

    I need a new front bumper

    hmmm I am bored with my front bumper plus it is slightly damaged from previous owner didn't bother me much but I always see the damage out of the corne rof ym eye and its getting on my tits! where can I order either the C-West front bumper OR preferable the front bumper the blue Silvia on the...
  9. C

    FS: Genuine S15 CWEST Widebody, Melbourne

    Fellas, i got a Genuine c-west widebody kit for sale here. Was from the Genesis racing vehicle. I once had plans to fit it but never got round to it. Comes complete with FRONT BUMPER GT-TYPE SIDE SKIRT GT-TYPE X 2 REAR FENDER GT-TYPE X 2 FRONT FENDER GT-TYPE X 2 C-WEST CARBON FIBRE CANARDS X 2...