1. Mike

    Open Event: Ace Cafe London, Sunday 19th August.

    After speaking to Ace Cafe on Friday can confirm we have a meet booked for Sunday August 19th. This was the best of only 3 dates left. Our booking there is 6pm-10:30pm. I will start a list off below. We need to decide if we want this to be a closed car park meet where we will need to supply a...
  2. S15AK

    S15AK Nurburgring trip

    Hi Guys I will be heading off to the ring first thing tomorrow morning, so thought I'd try and post as many pics and info as I can along the way. The ferry leaves tomorrow at 7am (staying in Dover tonight), but if I can get to an internet cafe in Germany I will upload pics as I go, we are...
  3. T

    Open Event: TeamScorpio.Net Presents "The OSCARS" Car Modified Awards

    The New Year is here and I think its time to get this ball moving. We are looking for people to enter into this competition, if you are interested please read on. Presents "The OSCARS" Car Modified Awards at the Ace Cafe London on the 3rd April 2010. There will be top Prizes to...
  4. C1TPT

    Ace Cafe... The jap meet is back!

    Hi guys, Right my mate saw this on his forum and is trying to get me all excited about it so I thought I would post it on here to see if any of you lot wanted to come?? I think its got the potential to be a very fun meet if we get big enough numbers I've posted this on sxoc as well :)...