1. Abooth93

    Air con capacity

    Hi guys I've been trying to find the air con refrigerant and oil capacity for my s15 I have tried looking through the forum but can only find faults not the actual capacities if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be really grateful cheers Alex
  2. shark79

    FS: ARC Large Capacity oil pan for SR20

    Ive got a used arc large capacity oil pan for sale , its still in mint condition removed it after 10000k before selling my car. totally forgot about it. i believe they are discontinued. appearantly the pan fins on it helps in heat dissipation. they wheigh 4.5lb ,so its lightweight as well...
  3. Fruitbooter

    S15 6 speed oil capacity?

    Okay so I read you can overfill them to 2.3ltrs? Can hold 2lrts using the nomal fill hole.. Today I filled it up through the gear stick hole and I almost went through 3 Redline MT90 bottles (0.946ltrs each) It didnt reach its capacity I just stopped as I had vissions of gearbox oil seeping...