1. H

    lack of heat from Climate

    Im hoping to investigate this further this weekend but looking for some pointers really. my car has very little heat, it seems to blow air on all settings etc but it doesn't get that hot. after a while it does start to warm up in the cabin but not significantly, the oh so accurate gauge rises...
  2. D

    bonnet stay s15/s14a

    mines missing should a 14a one be the same. If anyone has one laying around i could do with one. I cant carry a broom handle everywhere with me when its up and on the road
  3. S

    Courtesy Nissan

    i don't know if you guys have used these guys before, but as an alternative to parts from japan try them. they are very fast and cheap. they carry alot of JDM stock. i used to use these guys for nearly all my stuff for my Zed. have a browse