1. F

    Start Up Problems ***NEED HELP*** urgent

    ***HELP NEEDED**** I have a big Problem. Short to the situation. Engine is Build up new. Ecumaster ECU direct cabling without P&P Adapter Trying the first start up. Base Map is ok and works on an other S15 RPM is there Cam Sync is on synrconized BUT CAM1 angle is on -722° Tryed a lot...
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    CAS timing problem won't start

    Hey guys so I have a problem with my timing and Crank angle sensor i've been trying to diagnose for the last week and its really got me stumped now. Just done the head gasket on my car put it all back together and no start yes cas put in correct and at tdc. timing chain installed correctly. car...
  3. Max

    FS: Apex Type 2, S15 intake mani, VVT, cylinder head, injectors, CAS

    All parts from an S15 Spec R, 98k miles ALL at 0.7 bar boost, unmodified and untracked/abused engine. £30 Electric fan, fan controller not included £50 S15 cylinder head, with std cams rocker arms etc, no VVT kit or rocker cover £20 S15 AFM, working fine £20 Air-con system £25 Intake...
  4. S

    WTB: S14 CAS Plug

    I am looking for the plug that connects to the CAS. I also need the plug to have a little bit of wiring so I can solder/splice the wiring together. As you can see in the pic below, I don't have enough wire left to strip and splice the wiring together. I'm also looking for the part that bolts...
  5. justin666

    Cold start valve and CAS (99 Spec R)

    Hiya Still trying to get to the bottom of my non start so just need two quick answers for stuff that I will be trying next weekend when I can get back up to leicester to work on the car... First up, Where is this cold start valve ive been reading about? Secondly, need a part number for the...
  6. koullis

    cas problem????

    Hi, yesterday i was cruising along the beach and when i found an empty space i floored it. i hit the rev limiter and since then my car runs only with the two middle cylinders. i say that because when i removed no1 and no4 coil it made no difference, when i removed 3 and then 4 the car was trying...
  7. X

    WTB: WTB Mitsubishi CAS

    Anyone have a MITSUBISHI CAS laying around?? Must be Mitsubishi. Thanks