1. C

    Anyone in the Peterborough area?

    Hi everyone, as I've mentioned in some of my previous posts I'm planning on getting an S15 Spec-R next spring/summer time. I've had a chance to look round the outside of a fair few at shows over the years, but I've never had the chance to properly look inside one and speak to an owner in person...
  2. A

    WTB: S15 Driver side headlight

    Hi, I'm looking for the driver side headlight, ideally the HID version. If anyone is willing to sell theirs or has a spare by any chance let me know. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ArTo

    WTB: WTB Rear Bumper

    WTB Rear Bumper or Addon Hey, iam looking for a good rear bumper that I Like. First favourite is the Garage IMPUL but no chance to get it. Maybe you have some left?
  4. Surfing Boris

    Dash cam

    Not sure if this is the right section for this post or not but I want to get a dash cam but having never bought one I am looking for advice as to what to look for or if anyone knows a good one to buy. They seem to be a great idea for the off chance the horrible happens and you've done nothing...
  5. J

    flywheel help

    How's things. I am changing my clutch to a act 6puk and I am thinking about changing the dual mass to a lightweight solid flywheel. Any pro's or con's to it and what would be recommend to chance to. I was looking at the driftworks 1 any ideas on it or any other company that sells flywheels. Cheers
  6. Max

    WTB: C's short shifter

    Any chance?? I know these are a rare item but are what I really want to go with Craig's old (new) gearbox. No rush, anyone breaking?
  7. Tony

    have any of ya S15s racing 402m against BMW M3 343 hp

    Hey guys.. Have a lil question,, How does our Spec-R:s stand against M3 E46 on a 402 race.. and what setup do we need to keep up with them..?? just a lil curious, A rich daddys boy wants to challenge me,, and I dont think I have a chance.... =)
  8. 7

    HKS EVC V English Manual

    My manual is in Jap :furious: I've searched the net to come up with nothing, by chance has someone got a english .pdf? This would be helpfull :nod:
  9. R

    Open Event: DWYB 14th July

    Anyone going to this? First event that I'll be attending this year! :eek: Hope I remember how to drive, then i stand a chance of remembering how to drift, otherwise... I better get the cable ties out :D
  10. 4


    Hey all. Since quiet a few of you now are getting interior parts wrapped in the di-noc *carbon* style vinyl i thought id go to the next level lol Real carbon :) Heres what ive done so far. [COLOR=#000000] [COLOR=#000000] Il put some fitted pics up when i get chance :) Enjoy.
  11. LuPix_S15

    My easyrepair S15 vid...

    Just messing about (as usual) with the camcorder and Ulead Video Studio which is sooo cool to play with lol :D After a hard 6 months of starting to learn about this car inside and out, thought I'd take the chance to thank all my friends, S15OC and everyone else who is helping me do the mods that...
  12. E

    S15 FRP Dm-Style Roof Spoiler

    Hi all, Just arrived yesterday!!! 5 avaliable We have some more stuff but dont have a chance to take some pic yet, as soon as they unpack, I will upload some picture up here. Thanks Jeffrey
  13. EvilChap


    I am about to order some wheels... 18x8.5 front, and 18x10 or maybe 9.5 for the rear. What offsets should I be getting to stand the best chance of fitting? Cheers Ben
  14. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: Rotorstock 5

    Hola :wave: Since Kimi and I seem to be the first people interested in going to Rotorstock this year, why not announce this and see if we can get an S15OC stand together? Before I carry on, like I said before in the JAE thread, I will only continue if the admins are happy for me to do so - I...
  15. Nicely

    And this weekend...

    I recirced... Took the chance to pop into Merlin Motorsport whilst at Castle Combe track yesterday to buy a load of Samcos and joiners to get the SSQV recirced. :) Bit of a fiddly job, and the piping route didn't go as planned, but turned out OK in the end. No chance to try it till tomorrow...