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    what are my chances

    what are my chances of fitting thes wheels 17x8.5 +30 front 17x9.5 +40 rear AD07 235/45 255/40 i realy want these wheels i have nismo R tune coilovers aswell
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    Hi !

    Hello!! :wave: Im currently in no ownership of a S-body but previously owned a S13. And now im totally smitten with S15's :) Just joined up to get as much info as i can. The biggest question i have is what they are like as a drive or even to be in! as ive never been inside one. also what...
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    Time to upgrade engine!! or just repair it....

    So I got an 'opportunity' or 'special chance' to take my engine out. cos there is no compression on one of the cylinder... so i'm just wondering what is my chances of upgrading bits and things while I take the engine out and apart... All those forged pistons and head are so...... pricey....