1. 5

    FS: BREAKING 450bhp S14.5 - Cusco, Blitz, Chargespeed, TEIN, UKDM

    all gone, please close :)
  2. T

    FS: Chargespeed fibreglass bootlid

    I have for sale a chargespeed fibreglass s15 bootlid. I bought and fitted this when i had the intention of making the car lightweight and adding power, i have since taken a different direction and am making a more comfortable daily so things like amps and speaker systems have been added and as...
  3. NICKO

    FS: Chargespeed Spiritz SS Bucket Seats And Rails From Demo Car

    Here are the 2x chargespeed bucket seats from my S15, they were fitted by chargespped when the Demo car was built in japan, they both come with rails to fit S15 and I think they would also fit an S14 but not sure, very light seats and in very good condition with no rips or tears to bolsters etc...
  4. miniorochi

    Hi From London Area

    Hi All New to Forum but not new to scene. Have had my pearl white S15 for almost 2 years now and still loving it. Have been avid reader of Forum but not very good with the internet thing so only joining up now. Can't tell you how many times I use forum for general info and diy repairs :)...
  5. G

    FS: CHARGESPEED TYPE 2 FRP BONNET and other bits

    (new) only test fitted chargespeed type 2 frp s15 bonnet £300 or £180 with standard bonnet in exchange :thumbs: cost £480+ to buy one new so saveing £200 would prefere px for standard bonnet.. and fitted is located in rainham essex also have chargespeed front bumper also new £230 or £170+...
  6. T

    WTB: c-west eyeline's

    As title want a pair of c-west or similar style (not chargespeed) eyeline's (headlight brows) WHYG???
  7. G

    my drift s15 project

    right.. this is kinda a take 2 after my last project took forever and didnt really get anywhere at all for multiple reasons... So decided to sell up, s13.5 got broke and the rx7 was sold as i have had really really bad luck with road cars since.. well pretty much forever. so... Had a message...
  8. sushiming

    Any intrests in chargespeed style side wings??

    hey guys my mate just wants to knwo is there anyone intrested in some chargespeed side wings with the vents in he is planing on geting some and would like to see if u guys would like some? I think price range would be around ?180-?220 depending on cost and shipping...he is geting s...