1. B

    Another hello

    Hi guys just thought I'd say hello. i don't currently have an s15 as I'm in the process of selling my jzx100 chaser. Once that's gone the 15 search will begin with the possibility of fresh import. ive had a string of s bodies but none have been the 15 and it's about time. I'm based near Oxford...
  2. J

    Im new here!!!!

    whats up guys just made my account today. Currently in japan had a s14 then sold it to get a JZX100 chaser then sold it too to get a s15. HERE IS MY S14 MY FIRST CAR IN JAPAN HERE IS MY SECOND CAR THEN WIFEY GOT PREGNANT AND NEEDED A BIGGER CAR SO I GOT A CHASER JZX100 THEN NOW I HAVE THIS S15
  3. A

    Andy_F's S15 Silvia - pimp daily / drifter / grip / ringtool project

    So, this is my first post here so I'll try and make it a good one! Warning, this is pretty long but it shoudl be a good read. I've had my S15 for about 3 months or so now, and I've had chance to make a few of my own touches to it and use it a bit. It was B9NKO's old car - spec S auto converted...
  4. Feast Japan

    For The Toyota Chaser Fans JZX100 V

    Finally after an extensive search a well sorted Toyota Chaser Tourer V model has been found. This order is for a Canadian customer living here in Yokohama, Japan. Car has been refinished in Pearl. Not to mention has had some extensive body updates. Primarily around the front and rear wheel...