1. W


    Hey lads and ladies My name is Pa and im from Ireland. Had a 15 for a while and been on here on and off so said id join up and have a chat. Talk to ye soon
  2. LuPix_S15

    Screamer Elbow

    Ok guys I'm having a sound whore moment lol :rolleyes: What are people's opinions of screamer elbows for the standard S15 tubby fitment? I'm not convinced by any performance gains... I just like to have mentalist...
  3. armouredsnake

    Insurance Quotes

    Hi Guys, i've been reading many posts on insurance here and many of you have got quotes for under 1000 pounds at the age of 22, I'm 22 at the moment and I called round the usual adrian flux etc and was quoted at 2880 pounds for 2 NCB and no priors. :furious: Is that what im really looking...