1. S

    FS: S15 Spec R L package....

    For sale is my freshly imported 2000 Spec R L package 136000kms (85000miles) Factory Manual 6 speed The L package Spec is: Leather front seats. Chrome rings around heater vents and speedo cluster, Chrome door handles and chrome washer jets. Factory Xenon head lights!!! The headlight backs...
  2. S

    need some help with wheel choice...

    buying some wheels today, just really torn between the colors. Gold or chrome black..opinions please. Going on this......
  3. Tom VWJ

    FS: 'Silvia' boot lid badge OEM (Dark Chrome)
  4. Mike

    FS: Work Emotion CR Kai Wheels

    Work Emotion CR Kai 17x7 17x8 Two nearly new A1 Condition in bronze. 17×7 et35 Two used shadow chrome 8/10 condition. 17x8 et32. The new pair of wheels were imported last Autumn by Injection Imports for myself and have done around 200- 500 miles so as new. Minor curbing as in 'pics. I have...
  5. NICKO

    What wheel colour for my S15??

    Here is my S15 from a while back when the wheels looked stunning, but now the wheels are starting to look tired where water has got under the finish and raised up the chrome finish :( so its time for a refurb :nod: only trouble is I cant decide what to have done? at the moment im thinking...
  6. N80Jamie

    'Silvia' Boot Badge - Part Number

    Want to get hold of the chrome Silvia badge that goes on the boot of the S15. Does anyone have a part number so i can get it ordered? Thanks :)
  7. K

    WTB: S15 Chrome air vents

    I'm looking for a set of chrome air vents. PM with pics if you have it
  8. S

    FS: S15 Carbon radio and gear surround + other parts

    Hi I have for sale : carbon fibre radio , gear surround carbon windscreen vent clear side indicators, silvia chrome valve caps with rench/bottle opener and a Trust Grex 6 speed gear knob im selling all of it together as no longer needed , all exept the gear knob are less than 6...
  9. S

    Photoshop help Please!!!

    Hi all. Could someone please help me by photoshopping my car with different wheel colours. Ive tried many different times to photoshop pics in the past, and im useless! cant get the hang of it. Would be interested in seeing what the car would look like with smoked chrome, black, and silver...
  10. K

    WTB: a/c air vents

    i need all 5. shipped to USA let me know thanks the one with chrome surrounds
  11. J

    My rokin S15

    Hey all... I was drunk when i made my login name, it was supposed to be Jiblet.. Anyway, I own a black 02 Spec R GT wit the fully sweet leather, chrome door handles and gearboot surround and the sunroof.. apart from that its not that spesh.. Engine mods: Apex'i intercoolism, turbosmart manual...
  12. J

    FS: 18" deep dish chrome wheels

    18" deep dish wheels.New TYERS bought these 2 months ago and never used them they are brand knew!!! exact same as the ones here except with a chrome dish.... offset ;35 2 brand knew 245 tyers on back 2 new 225 on front front. 5 stud wheel. PRICE...
  13. S

    Wise Square on Yellow...

    I tried and tried to find Wise Square light on Yellow S15 but none came up... Has anyone got one? I'm talking about Wise Square LED like the one on Nicely's. Not black inner, not chrome but dark gunmetal/dark chrome type.
  14. S

    FS: Black chrome tail light

    Just wondering if anyone is insterested as I have a set of Black chrome tail lights which I will sell if someone wants it. I'm in NZ so if you need it to be shipped let me know and I will find out the shipping. of course it's in good condition and as for the price,,, how much do they go these...
  15. M

    WTB: "silvia" boot badge

    as above, im after a silvia boot badge black chrome one if possible! cheers people:thumbs:
  16. slammedmind

    Unreal s15

    Yes it has chrome rear clusters but either way i love it! :p
  17. V

    Chrome wheels - have I lost my mind?

    Ok, I know chrome is not cool, but I am strangely drawn to these chrome uras wheels :o : I like them, but do not want to be laughed at in public for having them on my car. Is chrome really that bad?
  18. kimi

    air vents - how to remove them?

    i need to remove my vents to get them sprayed, as whoever had the car before me decided to spray the surrounds shiny bright silver :eek: i was going to order the ones with the chrome surround,but they have been dicontinued :cry: so can anyone please tell me how to remove them carefully as...