1. J

    Slammedia photoshoot

    So met up with Cameron at slammedia to do a feature on my car. Proper chuffed with the outcome!
  2. DeanS15

    very happy :)

    i just wanted to share my joy :D we recently started trying for a baby and had the first scan yesterday - so far all looks good, baby is healthy and everything is normal. one thing i was pretty chuffed with is that (having never used them before lol) it works out the missus was pregnant within 2...
  3. mint

    Give the dog a bone..

    aww yeah, got Spook's a bone today so figured id snap some pics of how chuffed she was lmao! :p
  4. LuPix_S15

    My 15 is ready...

    for some performance tuning under the hood lol!!! Went to WGT in Middlewhich and got Pip Gardner to run his hub-dyno on the Silvia (after sorting out my geometry). 245bhp @ fly - well chuffed with the results :D All curves look good so I guess there's no excuses now to get her up to 300bhp and...
  5. S


    Just thought I would share my joy after puling my finger out of my chocolate starfish and running some metal polish over my headlights. WOW what a difference, 10 mins and it looks like a new set of lights. Sorry for a waste of a post but I'm feeling chuffed and as I got the info on how to...