1. TrevorSpencer

    Nissan emblem

    Does anyone know if the Nissan emblem on the trunk lid has the aligning pins in it? I'd like to remove it for a cleaner look but don't want to do it if there's those pin holes there.
  2. oilman

    GUNK Cleaners & Degreasers now available at Opie Oils

    Great news, Opie Oils have added GUNK to our ever growing list of top quality brands (now over 45, take a look HERE > > >). Below is the list of Gunk products stocked, take a look it’s great stuff! GUNK Engine Degreasant A powerful and effective cleaner that has been specially formulated for...
  3. T

    Kleers Cleaning Products Now In Stock - 10% OFF!!

    We are pleased to announce that we are now keeping a range of Kleers products in stock and are offering a 10% discount for all S15OC members. The Car Shampoo RRP - £12.99 The Paint Cleaner RRP - £7.99 The Finishing Wax RRP - £13.99 The Wheel Cleaner RRP - £9.99 The Metal Polish RRP...
  4. B

    S15 Headlights - how to clean the lenses?

    I keep looking at the front headlights and want to know how I can get the lenses on the outside looking cleaner and more polished. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks, Blinx :)