1. NICKO

    beeping and relay clicking noise???

    Got a small problem with the s15, when I lock the door with the key I get a beeping noise and clicking that sounds like a relay chattering around the fuse box area in the footwell? Any ideas what this could be? There is no alarm on the car because I removed it due to problems with starting the...
  2. dave_t

    Apexi AVC-R Problem - Boost Solenoid Clicking

    Today i noticed whilst coming on boost, the avc-r boost solenoid is 'clicking'. has anyone experienced this before? is the solenoid defective? & if it is, where can i locate a replacement ASAP before mapping in mid October.
  3. crazymat666

    car wont start now and then

    right my problem is the past week on a monday morning and then again last night i was parked up having chat with friends then decided to leave and go in and turn the keys disabled the immobiliser with the fob and turn the key but nothing happens car doesnt turn over atall and theres no...
  4. S

    help needed with s15 lighting :(

    Hey guys, Coming home last night i pulled into the house as normal and went to turn off my lights.... turned them off yet the sidelights, and dash lights remained on??? wtf? haha anyways to try prevent the battery from dying overnight i systematically went to remove each fuse until i found the...
  5. D

    do 2 way diffs make a clicking noise when turning corners....?

    do 2 way diffs make a clicking noise when turning corners....?
  6. sands

    clicking from rear wheel? help

    have had a search for this before anyone asks but couldn't find answer. have a clicking from drivers side rear wheel on my s15, clicks once or twice as i set off and when change up and come on power or change down a gear, so only dose it as load comes on it or when i lift off? had wheel off...
  7. S

    VTC Solenoid question

    hi guys, I have a question here regarding about the VTC solenoid. I was told that the VTC solenoid will have a 'clicking' sound when ever the VTC is activated. For an E.g. your car is at stationary and you are at first gear. the moment you tap the gas paddel a little, you will hear the VTC...
  8. slammedmind

    Uneven tire wear and some other things..

    Ok so ive been driving the car for a bit now and am quite happy but i was doing an oil filter the other day (what a :censored:!!) and while i had the car jacked up i checked the front tires and there is wear on the inside of them. Im wondering what i need to adjust the camber on the front? The...
  9. L

    clicking sound from engine bay (clutch??)

    I got clicking sound (like "kan")when release the throttle. Seems from engine bay but... And I've went to see few mechanics to check the all enigne mounts & diff mounts,gearbox mounts,drain& refill diff. All of them are good, now I'm guessing it may be the clutch. Because when the car is cold...
  10. S

    clicking sound from engine bay. injectors??

    Has anyone got a sound from engine bay? I have kind of clicking sound. It's not really loud but I can notice. It's been a while as long as I can remember. I'm guessing it is fuel injectors that's feeding fuels. Am I right? Are they meant to be loud? Or any other matter?