1. M

    S14 pads the same as S15's????

    Im probally being an idiot but the search isnt working for me. Need new front pads on my s15 that i picked up a week ago. Are they the same as the s14 pads? These are what i found, call opie oils up and they havent a clue, ive done as much searching as i can get away with at work so i now need...
  2. hoodooyoudo

    Part # for Component Tweeter panel in door card

    Has anyone got any idea what this is? I grabbed a copy of FAST but .. I have no clue how to use it. :o
  3. J

    Im Back again lol

    hey ppl, I have been on the missing list for a while. some if you may remember i crashed my '02 spec r a while back. well i couldn't do without one for long and im back in the sr20 books again.:cool::thumbs: picked up a 99 spec r in pewter silver, it has the built in sat nav. does anyone know...
  4. K

    Leaking coilover :/

    One of my KEi office coilovers have started leaking :/ Soo i now need a "repair" kit if you get what i mean :) But i dont know where too find it soo i need some help, Does anyone have a clue where i can find some parts for em?
  5. J

    IS Nicely one of the village people?!

    In the same way that the Stig is a mystery to us all, so too has the S15OC often puzzled over who Nicely REALLY is? :nod: Well folks, I may have found a clue... check out the symbol on the builders hard-hat... A coincidence??? I don't think so :rotfl:
  6. P

    Nismo Key

    Has anyone got a pic of the s15 key cos im thinking about getting one of these for mine when it arrives. I haven't got a clue what the original ones look like so don't know if its worth it or not...
  7. L

    Fitting the rear strut brace (need a clue)

    I bought a cusco rear strut brace recently.I was trying to fitted it today but seems after I tear up the carpet... I have no idea about how to remove the speakers tray. Anyone got a clue please