1. S

    S15 Nismo Gauge Clusters Group Buy

    Hi guys and girls I have been in touch with a supplier in Japan regarding prices for around 10 sets of Nismo gauge clusters for the S15 but obviously need to know what prices you guys/girls are willing to pay for a set and how many of you would actually want to purchase a set of them so I can...
  2. J

    FS: S15 Rear Light Cluster Units

    Hi Guys, After the build of our new drift cars, we have various parts left over that we are looking to sell. Here is a picture of Shane's car with the lights on. Rear Light Clusters We are looking for OFFERS on these light clusters. Please either PM or call us on 08450 212 312 is you...
  3. P

    rear clusters

    how do i change the bulbs in the rear clusters, i've a brake light not working and i took a fast look last night and can't see how to remove the clusters or bulbs..
  4. slammedmind

    Unreal s15

    Yes it has chrome rear clusters but either way i love it! :p