1. Larsz

    co2 emissions

    Hi, I need some help with some data on the S15. In order to register it in NL, in need the co2 emission data. Like 180 gram/km for example. Could you guys help me out? P.S. And by any chance you guys know what the retail value was of the S15 spec R when it first sold in Japan? Thanks a...
  2. G


    hello thinking of importing a 1999 s15 non turbo in to malta but i need to know the standard co2 emmissions hope someone can help as i want the car soon thanks mark
  3. B

    co2 emissions of an s15 spec r???

    hey guys just wonderin does any1 know the co2 emissions of a spec r?? thanks
  4. seilow

    s15 spec s rate of co2

    hii someone know the rate of co2 ?? thanks
  5. G

    Co2 Emissions

    does anyone know what Co2 emissions the spec S and spec R put out? the new road tax system in ireland from july 08 on is based on original manufacturers emissions. but thats if u bring an import on or after that date