1. DeanS15

    FS: 2000 S15 spec R - Pristine, full vertex kit, 357bhp, 345ib/ft. £11.5k.

    After careful consideration, and four years of devoted ownership, sadly it's time to part ways with my car. I know of a few loved S15'S, but i doubt very much whether there is an s15 that has been more loved and pampered than this one (but then of course that's biased :)). I bought the car as...
  2. S

    Estimating Torque

    Hey fellow s15 owners, quick question. Without obviously dyno'ing your car, is there such a way to determine a reasonable estimate of how much torque you would have? making 393bhp @18psi, anyone have close enough power to that to tell me a rough guess? cheers guy, picking the car up on friday...
  3. Nicely

    FS: FS: S15 Rocker Cover **SOLD**

    My old rocker cover, cleaned and in good condition. Perfect for someone who wants to got their cover power coated and still drive their car while its being done! :) SOLD
  4. L

    New bits!

    I've bought a few new bits and had my wheels powder coated, so I thought i'd post a few pics. Hope you like. My wheels are Work Emotions CR Kai's which where white, I've had them powder coated in Black Chrome and im well chuffed with the result. I also bought a pair of Bride Ergo II's...
  5. D

    Need some help

    Its my first time ever making a poll on a site. Hope it works I would more than likely send my wheels to england to get them done professionally ie powder coated. There's no where over here capable Derek