1. A

    couple of pics after a good clean and found a old air field

    hope you all like em, cars comming on, still have some big ( expensive ) plans for her
  2. subzero

    whats this plug behind the ECU ??

    got that ticking noise back today again , hasnt occured in a few weeks .... its comming from this ....the brown one , thats disconnected .
  3. Darren_S15

    Small Oil Leak

    OK Ive discovered I have a very slight oil leak on my car (about a teaspoon every 2 weeks). Now I know what 90% of you are thinking right now and that is turbo oil line. Well from what I can see thats all dry so Im quite sure its not comming from there, and I put braided lines on last year so...
  4. raytsang

    turbo noise and exhaust leak.

    Oki noticed my turbo spool getting louder and exhaust sound too, so opened the bonnet to have closer look, while reving the engine can heard it leaking near elbow , but also noticed sounds comming out of the airfilter like rubbing or scratching noises... does this mean my turbo is on the way...