1. Jaydej

    Track day insurance?

    Hey guys does anyone use track day insurance? Isit worth it? What company's and how much on average?
  2. N

    Widearch bodykits

    Where can I buy them from in the uk??? I've tried EP racing, knight racer and aerokit and had no luck. They've all never got any in stock and I've been asking for 9MONTHS now!! If anyone knows someone high up in these company's could they inform them. I'm after the BN sports Blister kit, but...
  3. 7

    bottom end damage...time for a fresh engine

    Spun a bearing on the crank :( Reason posting is to ask if anyone could recommend me some reputable JDM motor import companys servicing AUS? What sort of price range would be reasonable? I'm after another SR20DET -Steve
  4. crazymat666

    insurance due in a week

    so as the title says my insurance is due very soon in a week or so and i was wondering what companys are offering good qoutes i have a massive list of companys from off here but just wondered if there was any new ones out there? at the moment im with sky insurance im 24 3yr ncb 3points(nearly...
  5. Fasthands

    WTB: greddy intake plenum Tomei throttle body 70mm

    Does anyone have these parts for sale or know where I can get them? Apex are nothing short of useless, as they list it on their site but have nothing in stock or can't get it for ages.. Christ it's so annoying when company's do this.
  6. S

    companys that make front bumpers that are plastic?

    i hear now and again that ings+1 make plastic front bumpers anybody know if its the hybrid material and if it is actully plastic? also any other companys that do it too?
  7. S

    usa/aus engine parts

    looking at forgine my sr20det recomend me any good companys outside the uk ?
  8. moomin

    Gauge shopping!!

    Hey guys, memory blank......whats the website of the Gauge chap that has a stand at like....EVERY jap car show!?? cant for the life of me remember what the company's called!! :confused: