1. S


    Hello, I'm really curious to know whether my car is ADM or NZM. I've been told it's an NZ model S15 Spec R, but i want to know the difference that it has compared to the ADM model to be able to tell between the two. I understand the horsepower for both ADM and NZM is different 147kw ADM/184kw...
  2. fez06

    thottle body silicone pipe

    Anyone know where I can get a new one from? Iv just ordered a new fmic and want to change the pipe as it looks tatty compared to everything else
  3. J

    Are your car's kms correct?

    ​We can check the odometer reading before export of any secondhand Japanese Import. Please view our store where you can save 10% compared to ebay: Regards, JOC
  4. R

    Putting S14 turbo on S15

    Well been offered a s14 T28 turbo, and might be putting this on my s15, will there be much difference in power compared to t28r? and it will bolt right on?
  5. Larsz

    Not new, but new car!

    Hi all, I introduced myself almost 2 years back now, but for me being lazy and not looking up my old thread, here it goes again. Im Lars, from the Netherlands and currently the age of 24. My car history started with an EG coupe and eventualy ended up driving an JDM 98 spec DC2 ITR. But I was...
  6. A

    About pistons...

    What about JE pistons: ??? compared with CP or Wiseco?
  7. sushiming

    how much faster is the S15 compared to S14?

    hey guy was just thinking how much faster is the S15 really compared to the S15 I know its about 50bhp but on the road will it see a big difference???