1. H

    WTB: Spec R ECU - Engine Loom

    must be completely untouched, needed asap
  2. C

    Completely new, a future S15 owners

    Now a S15 Owner Hi guys, Completely new to S15's, never driven one or sat in one, but always wanted one! Currently actively looking for a S15, came across this one, wonder if any of you know the previous owner or any history of this car...
  3. V

    Redline shockproof gearbox oil

    Has anyone used this stuff in their gearbox? My friend's Impreza gearbox was crunching the synchro going into 4th so he's put this Redline oil in (50/50 with another normal oil) and it has got rid of the noise completely. I'm thinking of putting it in my 6 speed to shut it up...
  4. M

    hi all, from japan

    hello guys, how are you??? my name is steven, from london, but living in japan now, and just bought a completely standard white s15. hopefully might see you guys around when i am back for holiday.. :cool:
  5. richy200

    Having a slight engine problem first thing in the morning what could it be?

    As per above, i'm having a problem with the s15 (s14 blacktop sr20det). Every single day i get in to the car and start it, the car starts and idles completely fine, then as soon as i go to pull out of my drive in gear It feels like an intercooler pipe is off. I can litterally put my foot to the...
  6. R

    Yeah yeah.. another new one

    Just thought I'd say Hi. I'm going to look at a 99 Spec-R on Friday. Hopefully I'll then be driving it home :D I'm really looking forward to the drive. Coming from a Mazda MX-6 with it's 2.5 V6, the S15 is going to be a completely different beast. Fingers crossed the car looks OK when I get...
  7. S

    New to forum

    Hello from the USA!!! :wave: A forum devoted to the S15! ...and hopefully to those of us who can only get the face :rant: I'm working on my current project, a 1995 USDM 240SX. I've been at it for a couple years now, which includes a completely rebuilt KA24DE w/ 8.4:1 forged pistons, GT32...
  8. J

    Starting from scratch...

    The idea of this thread is that if all goes well, perhaps it could become a sticky in the useful section. :cool: I've done some modifying in my time but nothing major. Certainly I'm new to the S15 and to turbo's too so I would find a step/phase guide quite useful. My S15 is a 1999 Spec-R...