1. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Knock Sensor Loom

    My loom seems to be damaged, so after a good replacement :thumbs: example picture: pretty sure it will be identical to the S14 loom (anyone confirm this?) pm me if you have one
  2. D

    Hey guys, 1st post, a question.....K6020-85F50....

    I have a good idea what the above PN is, but can anyone confirm please it's an S15 Aero front bumper? Many thanks :)
  3. S

    FS: ***varietta aero project for sale***

    Hey guys, Its been a long road and we're very happy with the end result...but now its time to sell the beast which still has alot of potential for further improvements ie; more power and possibly coilover kit...but we"ll leave that to the new owner.. here is the link to the project for those...
  4. Fruitbooter

    What kit is this?

    Sorry if this is anyones old car but im not a fan of this kit...not sure on the name? But when I get my car I want the Vertex kit which I think all these below has? If someone can confirm... But looking at the kit on pistonheads it does...
  5. C

    Z32 AFM question

    Well.. is this the right one to go for?! I remeber reading they need an oragre sticker with N62 on it, but would just like to confirm first :nod: Thanks in advance!
  6. B

    quick speaker question

    can anyone confirm what size are the speakers in the back of a s15 please?
  7. JEZ 8553

    Radiator question...

    Hey peeps, Anyone confirm if this will fit an S15 no probs ? ... Also any reason to buy this one instead ? ... Both seem a very good offer ? Cheers
  8. S


    I've just got my car taxed and was chocked when the guy asked for ?300 for the year. He said it was due to emissions. Can someone confirm if this is the right for UK. Thanks, Keith
  9. Yakozan

    thread size for oil-plug?

    Does anyone know the thread size for the oil plug? I need to buy an adapter to fit my gauge sender there as I have nowhere else to put it. If anyone could confirm that the greddy sender thread is 1/8 BSP I would be a happy chap too :)
  10. J

    Rear bumper query, Possibly been nudged?

    Hello guys, Could someone please confirm if the boot should hang slightly over the rear bumper as seen in this photo or does this indicate that someone has hit the rear of my car pushing the bumper forward so it no longer sits level with the boot. Also, I would be very grateful if someone...
  11. S


    Do r33gtst callipers fit under stock s15 rims. I think i have read they do on but I searched yesterday and could not confirm. Don't want to waste money buying them to find they don't fit.