1. L

    WTB: Wanted: fuel pump connection flange

    Hi, I'm after one of these circled in red?? Or if anyone knows I can get one from Nissan? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. holzkreuz

    FS: Greddy TD06-25G (T67) Turbo

    Hey mates I'm gonna to sell my spare Turbo now cause i'm thinking of starting a new project. So here is it up for sale: 700€ ono Light Shaftplay Outlet: 60mm (3 x 80mm LK) Inlet: 100mm Manifold Connection: T3/T4 Intercooler Connection: ~60mm Ball Bearing, no Plate on it to check any serial...
  3. R

    Air Bag Light Flashing???

    I have an after market steering wheel fitted and has been on the car for ages. Now out of the blue i have an Air Bag light flashing! Anyone know why this could be? How do i fix it? Would it be a loose connection? :thumbs:
  4. K


    Anyone know the best place to get headlight bulbs? My drivers side bulb doesn't seem to be working...all though it may be a loose connection but will have to check that later :indiff: Any Recommendations? Thanks! Andy