1. 1

    S15 vs RX7 - NO HATE Please

    Hey guys, I haven’t properly introduced myself even though I’ve been part of this forum for a few months now. What I want to cover today may be a “stupid” topic. I have owned my S15 for nearly a year and a half now. It is a Spec R in a completely stock condition minus the stainless steel turbo...
  2. K

    WTB: Wanted:- standard GT28R turbo

    Hi, I am after a standard GT28R turbo if anyone has one? If anyone has had anything else it may also be considered
  3. B

    WTB: Wide front wings ASAP

    Reqd ASAP, NOT Knight Racer ones ! Any others considered Thanks
  4. D

    WTB: Fiberglass or OEM bonnet.

    Looking for the above anything considered.
  5. J

    WTB: Rear lights, any considered

    Looking for a pair of rear lights, anything considered any condition. Must be cheap and prefferably near to Slough Cheers
  6. N

    WTB: Vertex ridge widearch kit

    As per title new or used, got cash ready to go! Incomplete kits considered!!! What have you got???
  7. A

    WTB: Standard S15 drivers side front wing wanted

    Hi all I'm in need of a drivers (RHS) front wing, standard metal. Ideally yellow, but that's probably going to be quite difficult so any colour considered. Cheers.
  8. Mike

    WTB: Recaro Seats

    Grabbed a pair of rails so after some seats for my 15. EP3, DC2, DC5, Speed, Evo models. All considered depending on condition, colour and bolsters. Thanks. :thumbs:
  9. B

    WTB: Near side S15 headlamp wanted

    Hi, has anyone got a N/S marked L on rear headlamp (I assume for Left Hand) either hid or non hid. anything considered, just want to get it on the road for summer (if we have one) many thanks
  10. P

    WTB: vented front wings

    hey im after some vented front wings and size/ condition/colour/style considered pm me with what you got
  11. s15Irl

    WTB: SR20DE aftermarket manifold

    Hi there, I'm looking for a manifold its for a spec s. Been looking for one for a while but to no avail! As far as I'm told any SR20DE RWD manifold will fit so s14/200sx or s13/180sx.. Any brand considered. Must be in good condition with no cracks.. Cash waiting!
  12. K

    WTB: power fc?

    i know there like rocking horse ****e, but id like one! also need a turbo, standard s15 bb turbo or better woul dbe considered, not copy cat crap though please :D
  13. W

    WTB: Aftermarket Front & Rear Bumpers

    Preferably in the pearl white but anything considered as long as there's no damage.
  14. G

    WTB: Standard S15 in mainland UK

    I quite urgently need a std pearl white S15, any car any condition considered! Will travel!
  15. laimis

    WTB: S15 headlights&rear lights

    Urgently needed S15 headlights and rear lights, all offers will be considered second hand and new ones. Thank you
  16. K

    WTB: Apexi Power FC and Commander!!

    Looking to get my car re-mapped and trying to get hold of Apexi Power FC and commander! Anything considered. Thanks! Andy