1. H

    Mods for 300-350bhp

    Hi all I am new to the s15 scene, so new in fact I'm still bidding in the jap auctions for one ha. I just wanted some information of what mods I will need to get the above bhp. I understand this may be covered before so I do apologise. I know a bit from having an st205 GT-FOUR before hand...
  2. C

    The ultimate gearbox thread!

    Gearbox failure is relatively common and the information about it seems to be scattered all over the forum, so here it is, all condensed into one thread. Thanks to _Wing_ for suggesting the idea. The options are.. Replace 6-speed box Convert to S14 5-speed box Uprated gear sets for...
  3. E

    WTB: 15 dash

    looking to convert my 14 to 15 dash. i need the full dash, the mteal bar behind etc. anyone have and how much? many thanks
  4. Y

    NCT and respray

    My nct is up on the car and just have a few questions. I need to put in a catalytic convert so was wondering what other Nissan models have the same type convert that I can stick in. Also I have got the car remapped, and 850 injectors along with a Blitz SBC i-Colour boost controller and...
  5. W

    Converting to rear 2 pot brakes

    Hi there, im looking to convert my rear brakes to 2 pot factory mainly because of the drum handbrake for drifting. Was just wondering if the R34 GT-T 2 pots would be suitable with the r34 handbrake cables? Ive read most guys are using the R33 gear. What other bits would i need to convert it. I...
  6. S

    Where do I get the goodridge lines?

    I need one set for front and back.. Front I'm gonna convert to R34 brembo setup but I think I still can use S15 line Rear i'm gonna swap with R34 GTT full assembly so all I gotta do is convert subframe and hand cable :) easy job I guess but which brake line I gotta use? do I have to use R34...
  7. B

    Non turbo

    How easy is it to convert a non tubo car in to a turbo one can any one help me please
  8. S

    Convert your S15 to run high octane Bioethanol!

    Hi there, Just dropping all you S15 owners a line to let you know that we can now convert your cars to run a Flex Fuel system! This conversion will allow you to run on E85 Bioethanol, Petrol or a mixture of both, E85 has an octane rating of 104-109, basically it's rocket fuel for your car...
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    Change my speedo to read MPH vs KPH...Can anyone help?

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if any of you had suggestion on where / how could i convert my speedo to read MPH on the same O.E Kph dial. Thanks for any imput. -Paul :D