1. G

    Speed converter problem

    Recently fitted mph converter, after 50mph the speedo stops working. does anyone know why? helpppp
  2. Nissan_S15

    Catalytic converter upgrade/recommendations

    Hey guys, I recently had issues with my 5 month old Tomei Expreme ti exhaust system, which formed a large crack 180 degrees around the pipe. Which I am currently in talks with the company I bought it from in order to get a replacement. The new exhaust system, once I recieve it, will be...
  3. K

    WTB: Search an s15 6 speed

    Hello, all I search a s15 spec R with 6 speed gear box. And as possible, if you got catalytic converter and air stock intake. PM me if you have this ;)
  4. Jay-pan

    What MPH converter

    As above what MPH converter are you using? and does it work fine no problems at all. Looking at getting the NCS speed 8 but just wanted to check first before i buy.
  5. C

    FS: Radio wiring converter

    I bought this ages ago and didn't need it in the end. It is the right one for these cars. £5 delivered to UK
  6. E

    OEM Piping Exhaust Size

    hi.. i have been searching through this forum but i havent found one. so better i post. what is the oem piping exhaust pipe from the converter to the catback? 2.5 or 2.75? :D
  7. C1TPT

    HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer

    Hi guys, I bought an HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer a while back, fitted it fine but it kept reading the wrong speed and therefore mucking up all the other features it has over the Type 0 timer. After a while I realised it was reading KMH as MPH an vice-versa! I got the speedo signal wire straight...
  8. seilow

    little box speed converter

    hi i am french and i have a s15 spec s but my speedometer is in MPH but in france the speed unit is the Km/H so it is better for me if the speedometer is in Km/H so i would like if someone know where is the little box which convert the speed ?? (A photo would be the ideal ^^ ) many thanks
  9. P

    S15 Optional Parts

    Has anyone tried their local nissan dealer to see if any of these parts are available? Part numbers are there aswell so it wouldn't be much trouble for them to find either. Or and here's a link to a currency converter...
  10. Topper

    Power Figures converter

    Clicky :)