1. Parky

    Open Event: Japfest convoy..?

    I'm not sure exactly where everyone who is attending is from, so no idea if it will work but japfest is closing in fast and we need to sort out some sort of convoy right? If anyone has any ideas from previous years that have worked, or if anyone is already thinking about arranging meeting...
  2. S15_SAM

    Open Event: Japfest Final rendezvous and Convoy thread

    So I thought best to start the thread as only 4 weeks to go. The final rendezvous for everyone to meet will be in Chippenham, on bumpers farm industrial estate, in the Pets at home/comet/wickes car park! RENDEZVOUS Bumpers Way Comet/wickes/pets at home car park Chippenham England SN14...
  3. V

    White T reg spec R - A2

    Just seen a T reg White S15 heading towards the A2. I was part of the scooby convoy you overtook :D Anyone on here?
  4. T

    Le Mans -S15 Nearly ready. A few stickers

    Hey Off to le man tonight and just gave the s15 a bit of a stickering up like eveyone else and gone with the same style thats in our convoy.