1. justin666


    Now, while waiting for my S15 to arrive, Ive had plenty of time on my hands to research parts etc and decided where I wanna go and how far with the mods once the car arrives :D Now I was pretty much set on a GT 3071R Dual BB Tubby but Ive changed my mind again as ive found exactly what im...
  2. Yakozan

    high oil temps. What can go wrong?

    Reached some pretty high temps when pushing it at the track the other day. Started to wonder what things can go wrong when running with high temps? I know my oil can cope with it without any problems. But can the car cope with it? What breaks on a car when the oil temps get to high? I slowed...
  3. Yakozan

    Stock clutch. How much power?

    How much could a stock S15 clutch cope with? I've heard that the clutch on the S14 couldn't cope with much more then stock power. But there are some S15 on this board with about 300-350hp. Are you guys running the stock clutch or an aftermarket one?